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Harry Potter and the Gateway to All Things British

14724453_10207958651747733_969458960695394852_nThis post may seem a bit rambling but bear with me and you will be rewarded with cake.

It was summer. I was in elementary school, I think. I sat on the beach, like I did most summers, with two of my friends. Similarly pale, freckled girls, we shared much more than a desperate need to reapply sunscreen on an hourly basis. We shared a love of reading which some might call voracious. I distinctly remember getting in trouble in second grade for reading during class on multiple occasions.

This was the summer of Harry Potter. The first three books must have just come out. I’m not sure how they ended up in my hands but I flew through them. Over the next few years, I would attend midnight book and movie releases and spend afternoons reading through Harry’s latest adventures. So how, my enthusiasm for Harry dropped off as he got more popular.

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Syrupy Orange Cake

Sometimes you need a nice cake which functions well for before and after dinner. A cake that is sweet and pretty but doesn’t compete with the rich meals and lavish decor of the holiday season. Today I present you with this citrus-y delight.

(P.S. Don’t I have the most adorable juicer? That little orange guy is from Alessi and I love him!)

I had left over organic oranges from making marmalade. If it isn’t something you normally buy, I would consider making a special trip. You are eating the orange peel and I would like to reduce the number of funny chemicals I am eating. It truly is the orange peel that makes this cake so lovely.

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