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Cleaning out the freezer


Every year, I wait patiently for peaches. I won’ eat them except in the month of August because a sad peach is a terrible thing. An August peach, that is a thing of beauty. Normally.

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Harry Potter and the Gateway to All Things British

14724453_10207958651747733_969458960695394852_nThis post may seem a bit rambling but bear with me and you will be rewarded with cake.

It was summer. I was in elementary school, I think. I sat on the beach, like I did most summers, with two of my friends. Similarly pale, freckled girls, we shared much more than a desperate need to reapply sunscreen on an hourly basis. We shared a love of reading which some might call voracious. I distinctly remember getting in trouble in second grade for reading during class on multiple occasions.

This was the summer of Harry Potter. The first three books must have just come out. I’m not sure how they ended up in my hands but I flew through them. Over the next few years, I would attend midnight book and movie releases and spend afternoons reading through Harry’s latest adventures. So how, my enthusiasm for Harry dropped off as he got more popular.

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Putting bakeries to shame


Yes, I am wearing a citrus shirt while serving a citrus food. What can I say? I know what I like.

Lemon bars are a big hit in this household and at my work. But for a more tropical vibe, and a more elegant feel, I like a lime tart. With a coconut shortbread crust, it is like eating a little piece of heaven. This was made for the birthday of a very lovely lady and I think it is an excellent way to ring in another year of friendship!

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All cake, all the time


I’m beginning to think I have a problem. This certainly isn’t helping my pants fit any better. But birthday and celebrations call for cake and there certainly seem to be a lot of them this summer.

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A serious cake for a serious party


I was honored to make the birthday cake for my father-in-law’s surprise 60th.He’s a man with very classic tastes and a fondness for banana bread. To dress up this tea time treat, I added some whisky and cream cheese frosting. Makes everything better!

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Sticky Plum Pudding

sticky plum pudding

I missed posting this for Christmas by a lot. But in my defense, I didn’t decide to make it until Christmas morning after the roast had gone into the oven.However, as it has fruit in it, I am deeming it a “healthy dessert.”

I love a British Christmas. It just seems so ideal to me: Charles Dickens, a roaring fire, steamed pudding, the Queen’s speech, Christmas crackers. Since it was going to be a fairly small celebration at my parents’ house, I decided create something different and special. Standing rib roast, check. Yorkshire pudding, check. Sticky toffee pudding, full of dates and sugar-y goodness, oops.

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Pick-me-up Tuesdays


Is anyone else tired of the crummy weather already? One day, it is in the 60s and I am sweating at night in my flannel pjs. The next, it is a frigid 24 degrees with sleet pounding down from the sky. It is gross and I’m tired of it. Who do I have to feed to make it stop?

On a positive note, the holidays are coming around and I feel relatively settled in the new apartment. No longer is every weekend spent busy things that we need or stocking the pantry. While we can’t yet host people, a new couch is on its way and then we can party at home. In the meantime, we have been making the rounds, visiting friends who have been neglected since the summer.

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