Welcome to Fictional Kitchen, where you read about great books and great food! I am a librarian by day, eater by night, an avid reader of food blogs but also trashy murder mysteries. I love cookbooks that are as much about the story behind the food as they are about the food itself. I also love a fiesty female lead, such as Alice in PopCo and Rebecca Sharp in Vanity Fair. 

My interest in food and fiction probably began with the American Girls series. I had all the Kirsten Larson books and loved being able to eat the same food as her thanks to Kirsten’s Cookbook. The lengthy descriptions of table settings and meals in Charles Dickens helped me get through summer reading assignments.

As I’ve grown more confident in the kitchen, I have begun creating dishes inspired by or discussed in the books I read. Every month, I’ll share a book review and a recipe from the text. Please feel free to email suggestions for books and recipes!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fictionalkitchen

Instagram: http://instagram.com/fictionalkitchen


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  1. Your flickr stream made me hungry. Very hungry!

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