Blueberry Pie

Summer is winding down. And what better way to capture that than pie?!

I was lucky enough to have family from Italy visiting and they had a hankering for pie. Can’t say that I blame them. I used this as an opportunity to teach them a little bit about pie-making, in general. When they go home, I’m sure they will start a new trend.

I was a little worried about blueberry pie, though. I’ve never made one. I’ve had some terrible ones where the filling is too thick and doesn’t taste like fruit. I expect this one to taste great but look like soup. Instant tapioca to the rescue!

If it works for strawberry rhubarb pie, why not this? It created a pie that cut beautifully, without stiflingly the flavor of blueberries. I reduced the sugar substantially from the original recipe so you may want to turn it up a bit.

Classic Blueberry Pie
Adapted from Simply Recipes

1 1/2 c flour
8 tbsp butter
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 c water

4 c fresh blueberries
1 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsp instant tapioca
1/3 c sugar

Place flour and salt in a food processor and pulse briefly. Blend butter in until pea-sized pieces remain. Add water and pulse until dough comes together. Try not to overwork the dough or it will become sticky. Set aside to rest.

Preheat oven to 425°F.

Cut dough into halves. Roll out the bottom crust and place over a 9″ pie pan.

Make filling: combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Stir gently and fill bottom crust with berries.

Roll out top crust. Place on top of berry filling. Crimp edges to seal in berries. Cut 4 small slits in the top of the pie to allow steam to escape.

Place pie in oven and bake for 20 minutes. Reduce heat to 350°F and bake an additional 30-40 minutes. Filling should have thickened and crust should be golden. Cool completely before serving.


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