Perfectly crispy potatoes

This isn’t much of a recipe but I think it is a tip that should be spread. Here is me doing my part!

When home alone, I tend not to make anything too elaborate for dinner. If I have nice tomatoes, it is likely going to become a bruschetta. I’ll brush the bread slices with lots of olive oil and put them in a pan while I chop up my tomatoes. Flip the slices, add tomatoes, top with a pinch of salt. Or maybe pasta with Parmesan cheese and black pepper. Or these potatoes with ketchup.

Carbs are my favorite food group and no one will ever convince me that I shouldn’t eat them!

But I recognize that most of you don’t sit at home with a bowl of potatoes watching Million Dollar Listing or whatever Bravo is showing at that hour. This works perfectly as a side in a normal meal.

When I am roasting a chicken, I make these potatoes and toss them around in the roasting juices afterwards. It seems to create a much more even crisp this way. Enjoy!

Perfectly crispy potatoes
I don’t remember where I learned this from….

potatoes, as many as you wish, scrubbed and cubed
olive oil

Place the cubed potatoes in as close to a single layer as possible on a dish. Place said dish in your microwave. Begin with 3-5 minutes and then toss. Repeat until the potatoes are dry and slightly sticky on the outside and fork-able.

In a large pan, swirl some olive oil. Add potatoes and set heat to medium high. Now that the potatoes have a nice, dry exterior, the key is not to toss them around too much. I like to have another task going so I only move them occasionally. They should be mostly cooked to start with so they will be ready by the time they become golden. Sprinkle with salt to taste and serve piping hot.


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