All cake, all the time


I’m beginning to think I have a problem. This certainly isn’t helping my pants fit any better. But birthday and celebrations call for cake and there certainly seem to be a lot of them this summer.

I was asked to make a cannoli cake, which I have never attempted and have only eaten once. I agreed and was reward with leftovers of this beauty. While it has a lot of wow factor, it is surprisingly easy to make. I elected to make life easier for myself and use a boxed cake mix. Of course, you can make your own cake if you so feel inclined.

I took a class at Michaels some years ago on cake decoration. The instructor told use she always uses Duncan Hines Yellow Cake mix because it is so consistent and the cakes bake level. Very important for decorating. Every since then, I often leave the legwork to Duncan and focus on the filling and making it pretty.

What this cake lacks in difficulty, it makes up for in time. The ricotta for the filling must be drained overnight. Normally, cannoli are filled with mascarpone. However, cannoli cakes seems to be most often filled with drained ricotta. I think this is in the interest of cost but the cake certainly doesn’t need the mascarpone to be delicious.

There have been a lot of parties this summer and I can’t believe August is already here. The semester will start soon and then summer will be gone. Try to take the time to appreciate what summer has to offer. Use these stormy days to get int he kitchen and find a little happy.

Cannoli Cake
Adapted, barely from A Beautiful Bite

2 9″  cake layers, split in half
24 oz ricotta cheese, drained overnight
3/4c confectioners sugar
3/4c sugar
1 tbsp vanilla
3/4 c heavy cream
6 oz  mini chocolate chips

Set ricotta to drain in a sieve lined wiht cheese cloth overnight in the fridge. PLace asmall weight on the wrapped ricotta to encourage draining.

Bake cake according to manufactor’s directions. Cool completely. Slice in half and set aside.

Beat heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Set aside. In a separate bowl, combine ricotta, sugars, and vanilla. Fold whipped  cream into ricotta mixture. Fold chocolate chips in. Place filling in fridge for 15 min.

To decorate cake: place approximately 1 c filling between each layer of cake and use the remaining filling on the top of the cake. Chocolate decorations are optional. This is a “naked” cake so tidyness is importnat when adding the filling. Ensuring each layer is even will help produce an even cake.


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