Swann’s Way: Book Review

Proust, circa 1896. The New York Times

I am pretentious enough to attempt to review Proust?

This month’s book review is more of a reminder. Proust is an incredible writer, which everyone knows. His works are lengthy and require serious dedication. I had to renew my copy several times over the course of a year before I finished Swann’s Way.

However, despite its length and difficulty, you shouldn’t hesitate to read it. In November, it was the centennial of the book’s publishing. It has inspired me to try to read the rest of In Search of Lost Time.

Day after day, I hear about how technology is making our brains soft. Simple books sell best. Maybe this new year, we should try to do something new, something hard.
Read Proust.
Use the pressure cooker.
Publish an article.

That’s my list.
What are you going to try?


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