Comfort Food: Book Review

It was in a used book shop that I stumbled upon Kate Jacobs’ second work, Comfort Food. I had just finished reading Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots and so the cover appealed to me.

The book follows the life of food television star, Gus Simpson. Simpson found solace and employment in cooking after she was unexpectedly widowed at a young age. She has achieved star status, a comfortable house in the Hampton, and two beautiful daughters. Now it seems that her world is under attack.

Her producers force her to co-host a new show with Miss Spain, Carmen Vega, who wants to be a cooking star in her own right.
Her daughters are bickering and can’t seem to grow up.
On top of it all, Gus is under pressure to get ratings up and to manage this motley cast, which soon includes her daughters, their ex-boyfriends, disgraced sports stars, and attractive sous chefs.

Often soppy, this is a cute tale of food and endurance. While it could have been significantly improved by the addition of actual recipes and the reduction of unnecessary love interests (really, all in my opinion), it does have a perfectly happy ending which is nice to read at this time of year.

Available from Putnam, $12.00


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