I have been waaaaay off my game lately. In and out of the kitchen. I’ve had a headache for days. I’m congested. My taste buds are off.

In the kitchen, I am equally disastrous. The only reason I have not set off the fire alarms is that they apparently did not have functioning batteries. I have certainly created enough smoke.

pot holder + 550°F oven + 30 minutes = waking up from a quick nap on the couch and thinking that there is a dragon loose in the house

The recipes I’ve tried may have been to blame as well. A one-banana bread that smelled great but was incredibly dry. A quick-bake layer cake that stuck to the pan, was lopsided, and was tooth-achingly sweet. Even the frosting was terrible, separating no matter how gently I cooled it and how vigorously I stirred.

I hope to get back soon.


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