Even better than the original

Stop whatever you are doing right now. Go to your fridge. Check on you leftovers situation. Do you still have leftover mashed potatoes?


They are about to fulfill their destiny.

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Special request


Mr. F was travelling all week for work and my sister was kind enough to drive over a couple nights to keep me and the little munchkin company. Since she was making the trek, I figured I would get her input on the menu.

What she told me she wanted Indian food and felt like she hadn’t been eating enough vegetables. While this isn’t very authentic, it is delicious and full of vegetables. What’s even better is it came together in 15 minutes with stuff I keep in the pantry/freezer. I even made little yogurt flat breads to scoop it up!

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Sushi house dressing


Mr. F and I share many food loves: all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets, Yorkshire Peppermint Patties, the carrot ginger salad you often get at sushi restaurants. At least this last one I can recreate at home.

I think we aren’t the only ones with an appreciation of the carrot ginger dressing. Trader Joe’s has started selling bottles of it in their produce section. The problem is that it is $3.69 for a small bottle. For that price, you can buy a tub of miso which lasts forever in your fridge and have tons of dressing whenever you want!

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Mamma mia, that’s a-spicy meatball


I love a recipe that is a complete meal! So many times, I see a great entree but then I still need to come up with a vegetable or starch to round out the meal. If I’m stuffing zucchini, I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time on other parts of the meal. Plus, it becomes more difficult to ensure that everything will be ready at the same time. Sometimes I have as much as an hour to prepare dinner on weeknights and I can stretch my creative wings. Other nights, I appreciate recipes like this where I don’t have to rush off mid-recipe for a daycare pick up.

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Pantry staples


There are many times that I look at a recipe and it has a particular ingredient that I don’t regularly use. Or worse, multiple ingredients I don’t regularly use. Most of the time, I end up thinking “that looks tasty” and moving along.

Sometimes I buy the ingredient, use it for the recipe and then am stuck with a ton of it. Currently, that includes sumac, kaffir lime leaves, Bulldog sauce, and preserved lemons. When I’m in this situation, I start to research for more ways to use up something. Sometimes, I’ll find a recipe so good that I end up buying more of the new thing (miso, tahini barley). Eventually, it becomes another staple.

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Seven years ago, the Deb Perelman published her first cookbook based on her very popular blog, Smitten Kitchen. Mr. F bought me a copy and I bookmarked most fot he pages for future cooking. One of the many recipes that stuck out was the cover image, tomato scallion shortcakes with whipped goat cheese.

I wanted to eat it immediately but the head notes cautioned that it was best at the height of tomato season. And it was October.

So I waited. Summers came and went without ever making it.

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There is too much pepper in my paprikash

Does everyone remember When Harry met Sally? A couple of years ago, Mr. F and I got into a discussion. He didn’t believe that romcoms could be objectively good movies. I felt that he just didn’t enjoy them so wasn’t giving them the credit some were due. To that end, we watched When Harry met Sally and he was chastised.

I promise this relates to a recipe.

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Jack of all trades

img_20190914_205336Fall is coming or so I hear. It’s another hot day, though I am not in the mood for sunshine and heat. We are experiencing a sleep boycott at our house. The cutest little man in the world has decided that night time is actually play time. He is far too happy to sleep.

Oh well. This too shall pass. And fall shall arrive with cooler weather and lots of apples.

In the meantime, I shall medicate my stress with baking.

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A summer treat


I often stop and consider how lucky I am at work. It has taken several years, as it often seems to in academia, but I have good friends outside of my department. People that I enjoy interacting with and who broaden my views.¬†One of the many perks of these great relationships, aside from friendship obviously, is access to the university’s breeding garden. This summer has meant a bounty of tomatoes, peppers, beans, and squash blossoms.

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